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Delivering Package
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Doctor's Orders, your choice

Prescription medication can be difficult at times to take exactly the way the doctor orders.  We have options to make it as easy as possible!  Also, we offer free delivery service and more to make it easy for you to receive your medication.  We also have many ways to contact us, including via smart phone app!

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RxLocal - Our smartphone app!

Receive alerts when medication is ready, talk to your pharmacy's team, and refill medications all from an easy to use app!

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Free Next Day Delivery in Watertown!

Free Next Day Delivery in Watertown!
Delivery options for rest of Jefferson County/St. Lawrence/Lewis Counties also available.

Providers ordering DME or Compounds?

It can be confusing.  We're happy to help you figure out all you need to include for both.  Message us or call.  We'll include some examples for you here.

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