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  • • It will be organized with time of day and date to be taken
  • • Sun up, Noon, Sun down, and Evening icons on each pouch to help determine when to     take each dose!
  • • Easy-to-follow! Provides reassurance for caregivers that patients are taking their prescriptions properly​
  • • We also even contact your doctor for the majority of your refills!


Your medication regimen made easy. 

Some things in life are complicated.  Taking your medication as directed by your physician should not be one of them.  That’s why we offer PakMyMeds for patients who have been prescribed multiple medications.  Our pharmacist will organize your oral solid medications exactly the way that you take them!  No more remembering which medication you take when, no more setting up pill bars, no more missed doses!  Also good for those that have no relatives locally to help keep track of someone's medications.