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What is adherence packaging?

The future of pharmacy, and the easiest way to take medications reliably and accurately, at no extra cost.

As part of this program, patients will receive 4 weeks worth of their regular solid oral medication every 4 weeks.  Right about the time you will be halfway through your roll of medications, a staff member from Bolton's will contact you to verify that there are no changes to your medications and get the consent to fill your medications for the upcoming month.  If you are out of refills, we will attempt to contact your doctor for renewals.  Please note that sometimes the physicians still prefer to hear from you!

Some special notes - we use cellophane, cardboard and paper to dispense all of these routine medications.  All of which is considered to be biodegradable!  Also, we were one of the first businesses in the country to utilize the machine we do, we helped the company test it.  We've gotten a lot of experience with it, and we continue to work closely with the company that developed it for continued improvements!

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