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From Spectra - Introducing the NEW, easy-to-use, ultra-comfortable Spectra® SG Portable double electric breast pump. The SG Portable features independent vacuum adjustability on each side with preset cycle levels eliminating the need for manual cycle adjustments. The 1.5lbs mini and lightweight SG Portable utilizes one separate battery-operated motor for each breast. Because of this, moms can now conveniently and effectively double-pump without compromising suction leading to more efficient and productive pumping sessions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rechargeable – portable with built-in battery​

  • Double Adjustable – independent vacuum preset cycles settings for each breast​

  • Massage Mode – simulates the natural suckling of baby​

  • Closed System – prevents backflow into tubing or pump​

  • Touch Screen – touch screen LCD with timer control​

  • Ultra Quiet – for discreet pumping sessions​

  • Made with Natural Nursing Technology that simulates the natural way a baby nurses and promotes a more comfortable pumping experience

  • Check with insurance for HSA eligibility

  • 90-day Limited Manufacturer’s Parts Warranty

  • 2-year Limited Manufacturer’s Pump Warranty

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